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Justice Sarah Stewart has spent her entire career fighting for justice:

“I believe that justice means people must be treated equally in the courts of law, within a moral framework, and wrong-doers must be punished appropriately. As Chief Justice, I will make sure that Alabama’s justice system is always working for you, that no courthouse is ever closed to justice, and I will proudly stand up for the constitution every day.”

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About Justice Sarah Stewart:

Justice Stewart has been a conservative servant leader for Alabama for many years, first as a circuit judge for 13 years, and then as a Supreme Court Justice since 2018. Justice Sarah Stewart has strictly construed the law, never legislated from the bench, and acted with the highest integrity. “I am humbled by and take seriously the faith Alabama citizens placed in me by electing me to the trial court bench three times and then to the highest court in our State in 2018. I work daily to ensure the law is applied justly and consistently. I have done my best to serve Alabama with honor and hope to have the privilege to continue to serve in the role as Chief Justice."

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