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Judicial Values:

Alabamians know they can count on Supreme Court Justice Sarah Stewart to strictly construe the law, never legislate from the bench, and enforce the law justly. Just as she has for the last 18 years, Justice Stewart will take her responsibility as a conservative jurist very seriously. Read below what Justice Stewart says about her conservative judicial values.

 It is important for a justice to have strongly developed judicial values. My record reflects my conservative approach to dispensing justice impartially, ensuring Alabama’s body of jurisprudence evolves in strict accordance with conservative principles. My work as a Circuit Judge and a Justice speaks for itself - I have and will never legislate from the bench and I have and will always stand for Alabamians’ constitutional rights.


I will fiercely safeguard our freedoms enshrined in the Constitution  - from the right to praise God freely to the power of state government. Five of the original ten amendments to the US Constitution are about the justice system because the Founding Fathers looked to the judicial branch to protect these fundamental freedoms. The Alabama Supreme Court must stand as the final protective barrier to encroachment on the people of Alabama’s rights.


As Chief Justice, I want Alabamians to be confident in the strength of our court system and trust the outcomes that come from the courts. Unlike the legislative branch that writes the laws and appropriates the money, or the executive branch that effectuates the laws and has the police force, as the judicial branch, all we have is the trust of the people.  If the people of Alabama don’t believe in the trial courts, we cannot have justice in Alabama.  If elected, I will work hard every day and use my 18 years of experience as an Alabama judge to strengthen the people’s trust in the court system.

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